- A bridge for people who envision the future

Bridgine is a platform that disseminates the thoughts and visions of aspirational people working in Nihonbashi to create new networks in the community.

Having once flourished as a hub of the five highways, Nihonbashi attracted people, products and services from all over the country, which created new cultures and industries by linking them together.

Every time Nihonbashi faced a crisis such as wars, natural disasters, or infectious diseases, the community had grown stronger. Underlying this may have been people’s pride, their attachment to their community, and their hope to pass along the rich culture, knowledge, and community cultivated in Nihonbashi to the future.

Today, we live in a world where we can connect with anyone, regardless of generation, gender, race, or even physical distance. This makes it even more important to offer and transmit new values of human relationships and new forms of local communities from Nihonbashi, a place that has always believed in the power of collaboration.

In the Edo period, aspirational people from various industries gathered in Nihonbashi, and even today, diverse people come here to envision the future.
The newcomers seek to learn from the experience, wisdom, and passion for the community of the long-established stores and residents who have taken root in this area.

On the other hand, the masters of the long-established businesses, residents, and workers will also find opportunities and insights to create the future of Nihonbashi through new knowledge and ideas brought from outside the town.

Bridgine is a platform that visualizes the new connections that are sprouting in the Nihonbashi area. It also serves to create collaborations that transcend the positions and generations of long-established businesses, local residents, and workers to attract more people who engage in creating Nihonbashi’s future.

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